The estate "Scamuzza"
The estate "Scamuzza" was created in 1971, when Mr. Carlo Bertone bought 40 hectares of the best and famous land of the area.
In 1973 the first vineyard was bedded out keeping up the old sistem of " Guyot bas", using vine cutting of "Barbera", "Grignolino" and "Freisa".
At the beginning the first wine called "Baciamisubito" (kiss me at once), was only used by the family and by their friends.
In 1988, in order to personalize the product and to created genuine and superior wines, the old wood casks were replaced with wine vassel on glassrein and steel.
The grapes "Barbera" (100%), after a strict selection during the picking were vinted with the traditional method.
The peculiarity of the new wine was given by its staying in "Barriques" (little cask of French oak "Allier-Centrale" of 225 litres) and then in bottles for a further refinement.
This wine is "Vigneto della Amorosa" Barbera del Monferrato Superiore a strong mellow and spiced red wine.
In 1991 a new vineyard was set up on a 269 mt. high hill, where thanks to the nature of the soils and the exposure it was be possible to joint the traditional vineyard of "Barbera" with the "Cabernet-Sauvignon"a new vineyard for the area of Monferrato.
This new wine was called "Bricco San Tomaso" like the name of the hill where it is grown.
"Bricco San Tomaso" is vinted traditionally but without using wood casks so it is good to accompany any moment of the day.
In 1992 on the same hill another wine has been grown "Tumas", Grignolino del Monferrato a fragrant and little tannic wine vinted with the observance of the old tradition.
At the end of 1996 the estate expanded buying an old vineyard of Barbera called "Lo Spallone" on a calcareus and clayed ground.
Thanks to the love for these places, and the aim of the founder, Carlo Bertone, now we have created a new young fresh and fruity red wine "Baciamisubito" (Kiss me at once).
A return to the origin with a glance to the future, and the attention to the taste, which constantly changes as the seasons of the year.



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